Photo Gallery

Firemen in front of truck

Chagrin Falls Fire Department

SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County wants to thank the men and women of the Chagrin Falls Fire Department for their hard work and dedication to our community.  We salute you!

Black mold on ceiling

Mold covers ceiling in Cleveland, Ohio

This Cleveland Ohio home had a water leak that was not discovered for two weeks.  As you can see mold can begin growing after 48 hours.  

Mold is a very serious health threat and needs to be taken care of properly!

Call the experts at SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County to protect yourself and your property!

24 Hours a day: 440-237-0077

Water damaged wall with insulation

Water Damaged Insulation in North Olmsted Home

Water can sneak into area that we can't always see. It is important to have it checked by a professional from SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County.  Insulation must be removed from areas that get wet so the rest of a the structure can dry.

Call the Pro that Knows! 440-237-0077

Plastic containment with zippered door

Properly Protecting this Unaffected Area of a Home in Berea

Unfortunately a disaster can strike anytime. Your home could be damaged and your personal belongings ruined. If lucky most of your stuff is unaffected an okay.

That is why Containment is so important!

Let SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County protect your family's belongs that were out of the disaster area as we help you deal with your loss.

Call us 24/7 at 440-237-0077

Moisture meter checking moisture content in ceiling

How wet is it in Middleburg Heights?

When water damage is detected like in this ceiling in Middleburg Heights its is important to know what you are dealing with so it can be taken care of properly.  Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County to help.  We have the knowledge, people and tools to know what is wet and how to dry your property.

Multiple rooms exposed after drywall and flooring removed

Multiple units exposed and dried after water damage from storm in Ohio.

Multiple rental units were damaged from a storm in Northeast Ohio.  SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County removed all the floors, walls and ceilings and dried the remaining structure so it was protected from further damage.  If you have a commercial loss, call someone who can handle the disaster at 330-786-0505.

SERVPRO vehicles in front of apartments that has fire damage

Fire, water damage, large or small SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County can handle it

If you own a commercial or industrial property and have a disaster that strikes, call SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County.  We have the experience, equipment and trained personnel to get your business up and running "Like it never even happened".

Ceiling leak and drying equipment

Hurricane Dorian causes roof leak at North Carolina Bank

Hurricane Dorian causes a roof leak at a local North Carolina bank.  SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County is there to help the bank and its customer get back on their feet removing the damaged drywall and drying the remaining structure.

Drying equipment at bank

North Carolina bank dries out with help from SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County

SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County traveled to Wilmington North Carolina during Hurricane Dorian to assist those in need. This picture is a local bank that flooded.  Our emergency response allowed the bank to re-open quickly so they could be there for their customers during this disaster.

Tree down on street

Hurricane Dorian topples tree outside Charleston, SC

SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County is available to help those in need wherever disaster strikes.  Our teams help our friends and neighbors from Northeast Ohio to the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers at apartments

Desiccant Dehumidifiers drying apartments in Beachwood, Ohio

These multiple Desiccant Dehumidifiers are designed to dry large commercial or industrial properties.  SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County has the tools and experience to dry what you need done after a disaster strike.

SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County Project Manager displays safety measures wearing a hard hat and full respirator

Equipped and trained for safety

Our Technicians at SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County are trained and equipped to handle any size disaster, day or night.  This Northeastern Ohio apartment building sustained heavy fire and water damage.  The right team was called in to help the resident recover from such a devastating event.

Soot from fire settles on bathroom floor

Parma Heights Fire Leaves Lots of Soot!

Soot is a major problem that can affect areas of your home that were not directly affected by a fire.  This picture shows wear a small rug was removed exposing a white floor.  The dark soot covered the toilet and floor around the rug.  Let SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County make it "Like it never even happened".

SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County sets up trucks and tents at fire.

Large Fire in Parma

SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County has the ability to be "Faster to Any Disaster" to help the residence of these apartments from their fire damage.  A fire in one location can affected many people from soot and ash. Always send out an expert should you be in the proximity of a fire to evaluate and advise the safety and condition of your personal property.

SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County Project Manage uses iPads and software on contents

Tracking Contents in Parma Heights Fire

After a fire it is important to itemize damaged items on your property.  Many items that have been damaged by soot can be cleaned by the experts and SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County.  Other items need to thrown away.  It is important to list both savable and non savable so your insurance company can reimburse you for your loss accurately.

Continuing Education

SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga continually educates professionals in the insurance and restoration fields.  These professions knowledgeable and working together makes it easier should a home or business owner need our services to put them back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Stove Fire in Strongsville, OH

This cooking fire in Strongsville was caused by to much grease and not paying attention.  Any time you are cooking please keep your focus so this does not happen to you.  Fortunately this homeowner was safe. SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County was there to help restore the rest of the home and reduce the families stress. 

Sketch Training

Estimating damages starts with a sketch of the affected area.  In house training is provided to increase accuracy and consistency.  This streamlines the estimating process.  An estimate cannot be written without a sketch.     


IICRC provides the industry standard for restoration process.  Owner, Michal Fosdick has decades of experience within the industry.  Her knowledge along with her certifications have provided SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga much notoriety .

Road Blocks After Hurricane Michael Destruction In Georgia

Hurricane Michael had devastating destruction throughout Georgia.  SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County traveled to assist with the clean up efforts. Our travel crews spent over 38 days on the road helping make it "Like it never even happened."

Heading to Help

Green Fleet preparing to leave with our Storm Team to assist those affected by disaster. Near or far SERVPRO of Southern Cuyahoga County is here to help those in need across the country

Our SERVPRO Green Fleet Ready 24/7 To Help Out Throughout Southern Cuyahoga County

The sea of green....vehicles that is!! We are prepared for any sized disaster, whether it be a flooded basement, a pipe break, a kitchen fire, any time of day. We will be there to help!